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  • Attitude
  • Artist
  • Emme Diciotto
  • Unique Permanent
  • Tangle Mouse
  • Bath
  • HairPearl - øjenbrynsfarver
      100% PURE No damaging sulphates Sulphates are commonly used in Shampoo to clean and foam but some sulphates can cause skin and scalp irritation and even dry fragile hair. No stress Enriched with essential oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Nut Butter. These natural botanical ingrediens have been selected for their rich and healing effect on the body and hair. No parabens Certain preservatives such as parabens extend shelf life. In our Pure ATTITUDE products we only use natual perservatives. No perfumes We have removed all artificial perfumes so there is not risk of allergies No cruelty Not tested on animals - only humans.
  • Cutrin
  • Takumi
  • EasyLayage

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